Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are devices that allow users to mimic the act of smoking a cigarette while inhaling nicotine. Instead of smoke burning from tobacco, users inhale vapor consisting of nicotine, flavor additives and other chemicals.
E-cigarettes send the wrong message to our youth and young adults, and give a false impression to tobacco users and the public that they are a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes.
1.        Scientific/Health Studies
a.  First Hand Smoke
b.  Second Hand Smoke
c.  Ingestion of E-liquid
2.       Commercial
a.  Big Tobacco
b.  Others
3.       Political
a.  Federal
b.  State
i.  All State
ii.  Oregon
c.       Local
4.       Legislative
a.  Federal
b.  State
i.  All States
ii.  Oregon
c.  Local
5.       Administrative
a.  Federal
b.  State
i.  All States
ii.  Oregon
c.  Local
6.       Legal

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